Cheeky Parade


May 24th(Sat)Cheeky Prade ROAD TO NY~Let's together with Cheeky Parade2~(【Kanagawa】Raraport Yokohama)

Cheeky Parade ROAD TO NY ~Let's together with Cheeky Parade2~(【Kanagawa】Raraport Yokohama)Mini live & Handshake event is decided!
【Kanagawa】Raraport Yokohama 1F Central garden
≪First part≫13:00 begin
≪Second part≫16:00 begin

[target items for grouped handshake session ]
6/18 (Wed) on sale, mini album "Together", event hall mu-mo Shop Limited Edition
AVC1-39165 ¥ 2,000 (tax included)

[participation method for Handshake session]
For the person who bought the mini album "Together", 6/18 (Wed) on sale, with the prior reservation, we will give out an "event participation ticket for handshake session" at the special CD sales office on that day.
(We'll give you one "event participation ticket for handshake session" per one reservation)

[CD reservation start time]
Part 1 starts at 10:00 (planned)
Part 2 starts at 14:00 (planned)

※ Handshake session will be done by group. Group will be announced on the day.
※ 1 time per participation ticket for handshake session event, and you can shake hands with a member (lane) you wish.
※ Participation ticket for handshake session event will be given by first-come and first-served basis. So, please note that it will be finished as soon as tickets has run out.
※ If you bring the sheets of "participation ticket for handshake session event" more than one just before the end of handshake session, please note that you may not be able to use all the sheets of "participation ticket for handshake session event".
※ Even during the handshake session, if the line was finished, we might end the handshake session.
※ At your reservation, you will be charged full price for items.
※ Please understand that cancellation after the reservation can not be done.
※ You can buy up to 5 items at each purchase.

※ Shooting and recording to members are absolutely prohibited .
※ Congestion around the quick sale location will be expected on the day.
※ Handshake session will be done by group. Group will be announced on the day.
※ Please note that there is a limit for the handshake session time.
※ Participation ticket for handshake session is valid only during the handshake session time on the day.
※ One person can participate in the handshake session once per one participation ticket for handshake session.
※ In the case of multiple times participation, we will ask you to lined up at the end of the line again after the handshake session, to another handshake session.
※ From the customer aged 3 years or more needs the "participation ticket for handshake session event".
※ Please understand that we do not re-issue the participation ticket for the handshake session by the loss or property loss.

Handshake event ticket will be collected in the event.
Staff may touch your shoulder and arms in handshake event. Only those who accept this matter can take part in the event.
In handshake event, The action excerpt handshake is forbidden.
Members can't receive letters and presents from guests. Please accept this.
In such a case that the action intended to resell handshake event ticket was found, the handshake event ticket will be unvaiid.

※ Threatening act and shouting abuse at members are strictly prohibited.
※ Please use the nearest public transport for your visit.
※ To leave the garbage in the hall or the neighborhood are strictly prohibited. We will ask you to throw in the specified trash box or to take away with you.
※ Please note that if you have committed an act of damaging property inside the hall, host will not be responsible for any.
※ We will prohibit to save the spot by sit-up action and leaving your items in the hall and the facility.
※ The event shall be cancelled if it is decided to be inoperable due to the force majeure or the transport strike etc.
※ Please be noted that the details of event may be changed due to the conditions of members.
※ The compensation of travelling fee etc. shall not be granted if the handshake event is cancelled or postponed.
※ Event date, time, and venue may be changed due to the convenience of sponsor.
※ The sponsor, the venue operator, and the performers shall not be liable for any accident, theft etc. that may be arisen within the venue and neighbors. Please manage the valuables personally.

* Prior to event, please be informed for safe administration purposes, certain customers may be declined for participation when they are judged as inappropriate by the event owner.
* This handshaking event can be realized with the customers kind understanding and cooperation. Please follow the instruction and enjoy the event.
* Please refrain from inquiring about the handshaking event directly to the stores/venues.

[Contact Info]
Avex Marketing Inc. 0120-85-0095 (M-F 11:00-18:00)