Cheeky Parade


B.L.T.'s popular goods 『iDOL Street version』 Major Ver! Let us Together with Cheeky Parade!

※The photo is image only, and may different from actual goods

・Product name:B.L.T.『iDOL Street version 「SIZZLE STREET」Major Ver. Vol.3』
・Price :500 Yen(Inclusive tax) 463 Yen before tax
・Cover :Cheeky Parade
・Special privelage : 1 sheet of photo from either SUPER☆GiRLS、Cheeky Parade、 or GEM(randum selection)

Photo of C version is included
[All 33 type (Individual version.31, one person 1, birthday bersion 2)randomly included inside]

〔Publisher〕Tokyo News Tushinsha Co. Ltd.
■ Photo【A、B】version with 「iDOL Street version」are sold at TOKTONEWS WebStore and other bookstores.
For detail, please see here.

〔URL for this goods〕
After separation of booklet, popular IDOL Street version.
The latest information of SUPER☆GiRLS・Cheeky Parade・GEM with Major Ver.,Cheeky Parade sing, play and dance together

As a premium to the product, one photograph of SUPER☆GiRLS・Cheeky Parade・GEM will be randomly placed in each product purchased.
They will be sold at the B.L.T. Official Site, Seven-Eleven avex building branch, and some other book stores. The detail for these photographs is the following. For the sale at the B.L.T. Official Site and some other book stores, 64 types in total(31 individuals × 2 types【A、B】+ Birthday ver. 2 types), and at the Even-Eleven avex building branch, 33 types in total(31 individuals × 1 type【C】+ Birthday ver. 2 types) will be placed.

Additionally, there will be photo with real signature, by each member, individual version 3 pcs, altogether 279 pcs are randomly inputted inside.
*Renewal version of iDOL Stree is available for sale from B.L.T official site, or other bookstores, Seven Eleven avex building store. Included photos will be distributed as follows.

[B.L.T. official site and other bookstore distribution]
All 64 types (indivicual 31 x 2 types A, B, version + Birthday version 2 types)

【Sale at Seven-Eleven avex branch】
33 types in total(31 individuals×1 type【C】ver.+Birthday ver.2 types)

Plus, for the individual ver., 3 photographs of members with their autographs out of 279 photographs in total are randomly placed!
The number is limited, so tale this opportunity to purchase it!

◎Members in photographs
Rika Shimura, Hikaru Watanabe, Rina Miyazaki, Rino Katsuta, Reira Arai, Mirei Tanaka, Ruka Mizote, Aya Goto, Ami Maejima, Koume Watanabe, Rina Asakawa, Risa Uchimura
★Cheeky Parade
Asami Watanabe, Yuna Sekine, Rino Shimazaki, Yurina Suzuki, Seran Mizoroki, Marin Yamamoto, Hina Nagai, Yuuka Kodakari, Maarina Suzuki
Yuki Kanazawa, Chisami Ito, Yu Morioka, Nana Minaguchi, Jurin Kumashiro, Kako Oguri, Rana Murakami, Maya Takeda, Maho Ikawa, Sara Hirano

※Contents of the article for the sale at the B.L.T. Official Site, Seven-Even avex branch, and some other books shops are all the same.
※Photographs for each【A、B、C】ver. come from the same photograph. The photograph is cut in several pieces and they are simply different pieces of that original photograph.
※Real pictures Birthday ver. is the same in【A、B】ver. and【C】ver.
※The key code for Real Stars Training Support Site "MyDol! SUPER☆GiRLS" is not attached.
※The number is limited. The sale will end as soon as it's sold out.
※We do not accept any questions about the planned number of sales.

■ Seven Eleven avex building store
※Start selling from AM10:00 on Wednesday June 11, 2014
Address: 3-1-30 Minamiaoyama, Minatoku, Tokyo
5 minutes walk from Omotesando-station of Metro Chioyda Lline, Ginza line, Hanzomon Line
5 minutes walk from Gaienmae-station of Metro Ginza Line