Cheeky Parade


Celebrate the sale of "Together"! Additional Sale for "The Day You Get Together with Chikipa and Enjoy"!!

We had many order cancels and requests for the additional sale, we have decided to make the additional sale for <Together【bundled sale for two units】subjected to the Celebrate the sale of "Together"! "The Day You Get Together with Chikipa and Enjoy">.

The sale will be first come, first served based. Please also note that the number is limited, so the sale will end as soon as the number sold reaches the expected number.

<Event Details>
Date:8/17 (Sun)

Event Contents:
"STAGE1" Two-shot Photo Session start at 11:00~(reception close at 11:30) appointed time 10:45
"STAGE2" Autograph Session start at 14:00~(reception close at 14:30) appointed time 13:45
"STAGE3" Two-shot Photo Session start at 17:00~(reception close at 17:30) appointed time 16:45.
Place: avex headquarter building

[To Participate in the Event]
Please purchase two units of "Together" at the same time on the selling site to get the event ticket. You must show both the "Event Ticket" that came with the CD for each STAGE and the "Shake-Hands Event Ticket" that came with the CD+DVD ver.(AVCD-39163/B) in order to participate in the event.

<Applicable Product>
"CD+DVD Gorgeous Ver." (First Edition) AVCD-39163/B

"Event Hall / mu-mo Shop Limited Edition" AVC1-39165, purchasing two units at the same time.

<Date and Time>
5/30(Fri)@ 19:00~6/19(Thu)until 23:59.
※The sale will end as soon as the item is sold out.
※You need to register for free mu-mo Shop membership in order to make this purchase. Please register for the free mu-mo shop membership before you come.

<About the time for the purchase and payment>
Payment should be processed at the time of purchase.
Please check the mu-mo shop Web site for more details. 

"Two-Shot Event"
※Member might be switched in a certain interval.
※For the "Instant Mini Two-Shot," we will prepare the instant mini. Please note that you are not allowed to use your own instant mini you brought.
※For the "Cellphone Two-Shot," you can only take a picture with your own phone. Smartphones are accepted.
※Please note that for pictures, members might not be able to take gesture as you wish.
"Flexible Portrait Event"
※Please note that the paper used for portraying and its contents might be decided by staffs.
※We will prepare the pen used for portraits.

<Common items for every section>
※All members will be in the event.
※Please note that each section will end as soon as we can see nobody waiting in the line.
※You have to show both each event's ticket and shake-hand even ticket; otherwise you can't participate in the event.
※The date, place, and members might change.
※Additional fees such as transportation fees and hotel charges will be burdened by each customer.
※We will not compensate for these fees and charges even when the event is cancelled for the uncontrollable reasons such as broken equipment, bad weather, and transportation strikes.
※These fees will not be compensated when you can't participate in the event because you did not even meet the requirements for the participation.
※Event contents might change without any announcements.
※The event might be cancelled if something comes up. Please note that in that case, we will not accept any requests for returns of the product.
※The event might end early due to constraints such as the limited time for which the hall can be hold and the slow proceeding of the event. In this case, you can't participate in the event even though you have a ticket and the product can't be returned.
※At the hall, please follow the directions of officers there. In order to lead participants, they might touch their shoulders or arms. 
※We limit certain items such as wires for security purposes.