Cheeky Parade


Sound game app "iDOL Street SHAKE" Update

Added some new tunes for "Cheeky Parade I" !!
Have more fun with this app!!

Added Wednesday December 4:
Chekira (check it up)/Cheeky Parade
Cheeky Fighter/Cheeky Parade
Challenger/Cheeky Parade
HAPPY DAYS/Cheeky Parade

Added on Wednesday November 27:
Ren-ai Rule /Super Girls
Believer /Super Girls
Ren-ai Manifest / Super Girls

Zettai! Love Magic/ iDOL Street (Street live)
Peace! Smile Girl/ iDOL Street (Street live)
Kimi Koi Telepathy/ iDOL Street (Street live)
Download the tunes from "iDOL Street SHAKE" from here