Cheeky Parade


【stage member decided 】 At Resort stage in a-nation island resort area [Iron Karaoke man stage "SUPER ☆ GiRLS" vs "Cheeky Parade" vs "GEM" Karaoke Battle between idol teams ]

◆ Dates:
August 14, 2014 (Thu) 14:00 - 14:30
August 18, 2014 (Mon) 13:00 - 13:30
August 20, 2014 (Wed) 17: 00 ~ 17: 30
For more details kindly check the RESORT STAGE at a-nations official site: Kindly check at the Time Table

<Member Appearance>
SUPER☆GiRLS:Shimura Rika・Watanabe Hikaru・Misode Ruka・Maeshima Ami・Watanabe Koume
Cheeky Parade:Watanabe Asami・Sekine Yuuna・Shimazaki Rino・Suzuki Yurina・Mizorogi Seran・Kodakari Momoka・Suzuki Mariya

●MON. 8/18/2014
SUPER☆GiRLS: Rika Shimura
Cheeky Parade:Watanabe Asami・Shimazaki Rina・Yamamoto Marin・Mizorogi Seran・Nagai Hina・Kodakari Momoka
GEM:Oguri Kako・Murakami Rana・Ikeda Maya・Iyama Maho・Hirano Sara

SUPER☆GiRLS:Shimura Rika・Miyazaki Rina・Katsuta Rino・Arai Reira・Tanaka Mirei・Gotou Aya・Asakawa Rina・Uchimura Risa
GEM:Kanezawa Yuki・Itou Chisami・Morioka Yuu・Minamiguchi Nana・Kumashiro Churin

■Benue:National Yoyogi Stadium 1st/2nd Sports Hall, Others
〒150-0041 Tokyo Prefecture Shibuya District Jinnan2-1-1
■Title Sponsor:inJelly
■Special Sponsor:Seven Corporation & Ai・Holdings
■Sponsor:d Video/ Kirin Beer Corporation/SANKYO/Jawin/TEIJIN/Mercedes-Benz/Reebok
■Organizer:a-nation performance office
■Support:avex group
■Colloborator:Kyoudo Tokyo
■Project Production:avex live creative、Fuji Television
■Questions with regards to the performance:
a-nation performance office operator response:03-3400-7305 ※weekdays only 12:00~18:00
24hr taped responses (a-nation island information):0180-993-223
※partly handphone・PHS not compatible/IP phones not compatible

※a-nation island fees for entry for one day pass 500 yen is required。
Only valid on the day / National Yoyogi Stadium 1st Sports Hall/2nd Sports Hall Performance event, ticket not valid for entrance。
Separate fees would be required for payable contents inside. / Superior seats for the Fashion Show and prior entrance booking for the mall not available.One day pass can be purchased at the venue on the day .
※ For each event content, content may change, discontinuation may happens at the discretion of the organizers and bad weather.
Please understand.
※ A variety of restriction at each event may apply due to accidents of the day or to prevent confusion.
※ The admission regulations may apply if the hall was crowded.