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[Handshake Event] ODAIBA NEW WORLD Mezamashi Live

It is confirmed that SUPER☆GiRLS, Cheeky Parade, GEM, 3 groups from iDOL Street
will take part in ODAIBA NEW WORLD Mezamashi live!

■Pre-sale period for fan club
Acceptance period= July 10(Thu) 12:00~ July 13(Sun) 23:59

Date and Time: August 1, 11:00~
*We will inform the time and the order of appearance after it is confirmed.

Regarding details about performers of this event, please see the link below.

[Handshake event is confirmed!]
Date: August 1, 2014 (Fri)
Venue: On the stage of NEW WORLD Great Summer Stadium
Time: 12:00~13:00

For customers who bought SUPER☆GiRLS11th Single「Ahhahha!~Extremely hilarious lead song Chouzetsu Bakushou Ondo~」Music Card Cheeky Parade member ver., at the day of the special event, you would be able to participate in the Cheeky Parade's separate group handshake session
※The group would be announced on the day itself. 2 lanes are being planned.

【Target product for separate group handshake session】
SUPER☆GiRLS 11thSingle「Ahhahha!~Extremely hilarious lead song (Chouzetsu Bakushou Ondo~」Music Card
Cheeky Parade Member ver.
All tickets at 540 Yen each(Taxes Included)
※For those who reserved 2 tickets, you can participate in the handshake session for 1 lane

Watanabe Asamiver. AQZ1-76497
Sekine Yuna ver. AQZ1-76498
Shimazaki Rina ver. AQZ1-76499
Suzuki Yuriya ver. AQZ1-76500
Mizorogi Seran ver. AQZ1-76501
Yamamoto Marin ver. AQZ1-76502
Nagai Hina ver. AQZ1-76503
Kadokari Momoka ver. AQZ1-76504
Suzuki Mariya ver. AQZ1-76505

【Things To Take Note Of】
※For the safety of all customers, artistes and talents as the priority, hand carried items checks and also hand carried items would have to be surrendered temporarily.
※At the event venue, for the event to go smoothly, if you were to see any suspcious person or suspicious articles, please kindly call out to the security guards.
※For those who are participating in the handshake session, kindly remove all rings and bracelet accessories before doing so. Thank you very much/
※ Please note that the sponsor may refuse the entry of specific visitors who will be deemed not appropriate to participate the event.
※ The event will be held at outdoors. Please be reminded to manage your health by your own to prevent from the sun stroke and the heat stroke by hydrating etc.
※ Please note that those visitors having breath of alcohol and/or under the influence of alcohol will be refused to enter the event venue and to participate the handshake event.
※ Please note that the members will be prohibited to accept any gift from visitors including letters.
※ It will be strictly prohibited to take any actions of embarrassing and/or shouting abusive phrases to the members.
※ Leaving any garbage in the event venue and/or in the vicinities of neighborhood will be strictly prohibited. Please throw garbage to the designated trash cans or bring back with you.
※ Please use the nearest public transportations to come to the venue.
※ Please be aware that the sponsor will not have any responsibility on visitors who give damage to properties in the venue.
※ Please refrain from inquiring to the venue anything regarding to this event.
※ Please note that the handshake event will be limited in time.
※ Please note that admission tickets for the handshake event will be limited in quantity.
※ Admission tickets for the handshake event shall be valid only for the event day.
※ One admission ticket will allow one visitor for participating the handshake event once.
※ The admission tickets for the handshake event will be collected upon participation.
※ Please note that re-issuance will not be accepted because of lost, theft etc.
※ If you wants to participate the handshake event multiple time, please queue up to the very last position of visitors waiting in line once participated the event.
※ The act other than handshaking shall be prohibited during the handshake event.
※ There may be chances that our staff(s) will touch your shoulder(s) and/or arm(s) for the guidance purpose. Please participate the handshake event who could accept this condition.
※ The admission tickets which are found to be used for reselling purpose will be made invalid.
※ It will be prohibited to secure a spot by leaving personal belonging(s) and/or the sitting down at the spot.
※ Any act of shooting and/or recording etc. during the event will be strictly prohibited.
※ Please note that the details of the event may be changed because of the convenience of members.
※ The date of event, time, and the venue may be changed due to the convenience.
※ The event will be canceled if it is determined to be impossible to hold it because of unexpected situation including Act of God and transportation strikes etc.
※ In case of cancellation and postponing of the event, there will be no compensation for the expenses including the travelling fee etc.
※ The sponsor, the venue, and performers will not have any responsibilities for accidents and thefts etc. arisen within and outside of the venue. Please manage your valuables by your own.
※The show may be filmed on the event day for reporting or something. You may also be shooted, so your understanding is requested beforehand.
※You can't stay there overnight since the day before because that causes neighbors trouble.

Your understanding and cooperation are earnestly requested.