Cheeky Parade



<SHAKE YOUR HANDS>Cheeky Parade Talk & Live CHIKIPA's OTEKI Vol.9 decided!

Cheeky Parade Talk&Live CHIKIPA's OTEKI Vol.9 has been decided!

Open: 13:15 Start: 14:00 End: 15:30

Place: Bunka Housou Media Plus Hall
ZIP: 105-8002 12F, Bunka Housou Media Plus Building, Hamamatsu-cho 1-31, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tickets release : 2014/7/17(Thr) 10:00~

Chikeppia Preceding: 2014/7/5(Sat) 11:00- 7/10(Thr)23:59
0570-02-9999(P CODE: 236-973)

Rakuten Ticket:

Bunka Housou Event Information 03-5403-2626(Mon~Fri 10:00~18:00)


<Regarding hand-shake meeting>
Cheeky Parade Talk & Live CHIKIPA's OTEKI Vol.9

<Event Detail>
Mini Live/ Hand-shaking

< How to join>
Purchasing either of the product as below at the hall on the day and getting a participation ticket of the hand-shake meeting.
1 ticket for 1 lane.

* The ticket which attached with the <Together> Limited ver. is not availability on the day.
The ticket exchanged when you purchase the product is useful only.Please kindly understand.
■CD(Loppi・HMV Ltd) AVC1-39164 \2,200(Tax-in)
■CD+DVD AVCD-39163/B ¥2,800(Tax-in)

<The time to sale>
12:00 at noon

* For considering of the security of audience, artists and talents, the baggage should be checked or kept in costody.
* We take the event under our operation, if there is any prowler or suspicious substance you thought, please call our security guard.
* Please take off rings, bracelet and any other accessary when attending the hand-shaking meeting.
* The ticket of hand-shaking meeting would be overed as soon as finished.
* There is a heavy traffic looked into on the day, please follow the instruction of staff.
* For security, if there is any dangerous situation judged by sponsors, specific customer might be refused to attend the meeting. Please kindly understand.
* The customers who are drinking or tipsiness could not be allowed to attend the meeting.
* Please do not give members letters or any gifts contained.
* Any act of surprising or boos to members is hardly abandon.
* No litter in or around the hall. Please throw the trash in the specified place or take home.
* Please use the public transport.
* Sponsor do not have responsibility of customers' damaging in the hall.
* Please do not inquire any question about the event to the hall .
* The time of hand-shaking meeting is limited. Please kindly understand.
* The amount of tickets are limited. Please kindly understand.
* The validity is only on the day.
* 1 ticket for 1 person's admission.
* The ticket would be withdrawed.
* The ticket could no be issued again for lost or theft.
* In the case of multiple times you wish to participate, please alongside the end of the column again after meeting.
* Any other behaviour except hand-shake is forbidden.
* Staff might touch customers' shoulder or arms, please kindly understand.
* In case that the behaviour that tickets have been resaled has been realized, the tickets would become invalid.
* Please do not take the seat with your baggage in the hall.
* Recording or shooting is forbidden in the event.
* According to the situation, members who attend may be changed.
* It is possible that the date, time or place might be changed.
* For natrual disaster, transport strike or any other reasons of force majeure, event might be cancelled.
* We would not reparate any expense in case that the event cancelled.
* Sponsor, hall or artist do not have responsibility of accidents or theft in or out of the hall.
Please look after valuables by yourself.
* For interview, there will be camera in the hall. It is possible that custmors might be reflected, please kindly understand.
* For bothering the neighbourhoods, lease do not stay around the event place all night.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.