Cheeky Parade interviews celebrities! Vol.6 Nozomi Sasaki edition

The 9 girl idol group, Cheeky Parade will hold the last show of their Japan tour in New York in October. 
Chikipa is going overseas to hold the final show of their tour in New York. Before they took such an unprecedented step as an idol group, an interview project was launched, “Before the NY show, let’s learn the secret of overseas expansion from people who work all over the world!!! Cheeky Parade, learn about Japanese culture!”
The members of Cheeky Parade then became journalists and interviewed celebrities who play an active role globally in their own field while representing Japan.
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Cheeky Parade leader Sekine together with Watanabe and Shimazaki went to interview Nozomi Sasaki, a model and actress, who in 2010 was the first Japanese to be selected to the “100 most beautiful faces in the world” and has been nominated 4 times after that. 

Sekine: We Cheeky Parade will be holding a live show in New York in October. We started the project to talk with people who play an active role globally! We would like to interview Nozomi Sasaki san and learn about the secret of your beauty today!  Nice to meet you. Thank you for your time.

Sasaki: Nice to meet you too!

Sekine: You are amazingly beautiful! First, please tell us about the secret of your beauty!
Sasaki: I’ve been going to the gym more than once a week since I became 25. You girls are still young so you don’t have to worry too much yet. Lol.

Sekine: Not way. We go to the gym to work out too! What is your diet ?
Sasaki: I eat some fruits in the morning and for lunch I have anything I want. For dinner, I don’t eat carbohydrate. I love eating, so I can’t skip meals. Lol. I enjoy whatever I want to eat for lunch!

Watanabe: Does your body get swollen sometimes?
Sasaki: Yes it does! I take a bath one a day, so the swollenness gets so much better. Taking a bath also relaxes me at the end of the day.

Chikipa members: OMG! You are so good!
Sasaki: I also light candles in the bath. I want to rest my eyes so I use indirect lighting in the bath. 

Shimazaki: I saw your room in your photo book. Your room is extremely clean and neat! 
Sasaki: You checked out my photo book! Thanks! I try to create the environment that I can relax. 

Watanabe: My room gets so messy quickly. I cant pick out my outfit in the morning, so I end up getting my clothes all over the place. 
Sasaki: Well, I recommend that you pick out what you are gonna wear the next day before you go to sleep.

Sekine: That’s right! Do you have anything you do everyday?
Sasaki: Quickle Wiper! (Swiffer in Japan.) I love cleaning my house so I do it no matter how tired I am. I even start cleaning the bathroom late at night. Lol. 

Watanabe: What do you do for your beauty?
Sasaki: I definitely take off my make-up and moisturize! 

Sekine: I see. Let us ask about your work. You are taking an active role as a model and an actress. I heard that the DVD of the movie you are in, Juon, will be released. Please tell everyone who couldn’t see it in the theater about the movie. 

Sasaki: “Juon” is a horror movie, but the story has deep meaning. I hope you enjoy this movie on DVD because everybody has a different interpretation so you can discover something new as you view it many times. 

Shimazaki: What is the most important thing you think about when acting?
Sasaki: I try not to stick with any one way or method. I try to have many elicitations when I act. 

Shimazaki: You are co-starring in the TV Asahi Friday night drama “Kurofuku Monogatari” from October.  Can you tell about this drama?

Sasaki: My role is the No.1 hostess in a hostess bar, Kyoko. This is the first time for me to play a hostess. The main character Akira, played by Kento Nakajima from Sexy Zone, has a crush on Kyoko and starts to work in a hostess bar because of Kyoko. Maybe there is going to be a forbidden love between Akira and Kyoko?

Chikipa members: It sounds so interesting! 

Sasaki: Thank you! Kyoko is a strong woman who acts calm towards Akira. So I’ll try to play Kyoko well!

Watanabe: We’ll definitely watch it! Lastly, can you become the 10th member of Cheeky Parade? 
Sasaki: I’m sorry. I have to turn down the offer. I don’t think I can handle being an idol because it seems so hard! Lol. 

Chikipa members: Oh No no no no !! Lol.


■Nozomi Sasaki profile
Date of birth: February 8th 1988.
From: Akita prefecture 
Blood type: AB

Co-starring in Fuji TV drama “First Class” starting from October.
Co-starring in TV Asahi drama “Kurofuku Monogatari” starting from October.
Released a DVD “佐々木希 神々の楽園バリ島~バリ舞踊の神髄にふれる” in October 1st. 
DVD and Blue-ray of the movie in which she stars  “Ju-on: Beginning of the end” will be released on November 6th. 
The movie “Saihateni Yasashii Kaori to Machinagara” will hit the theaters in February 2015. 
The movie, “Enishi : The Bride of Izumo,”staring Nozomi Sasaki will hit the theaters in spring 2016.