Cheeky Parade interviews celebrities! Vol.9 Lasboss Sachiko Kobayashi edition

The 9 girl idol group, Cheeky Parade will hold the last show of their Japan tour in New York in October. 
Chikipa is going overseas to hold the final show of their tour in New York. Before they took such an unprecedented step as an idol group, an interview project was launched, “Before the NY show, let’s learn the secret of overseas expansion from people who work all over the world!!! Cheeky Parade, learn about Japanese culture!”`    
The members of Cheeky Parade then became journalists and interviewed celebrities who play an active role globally in their own field while representing Japan.

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The final star that Cheeky Parade went to interview was Sachiko Kobayashi-san, a legend of the Japanese show business. She is commemorating the 50th anniversary of her career in show business. Today she is also active in the comiket (comic market) and reigns as the “Lasboss” in the subculture world. Cheeky Parade members will interview the superstar who has succeeded in so many overseas concerts.


Kobayashi: I go to New York to see musicals and plays. I go to Las Vegas every year too. I travel there not because I want to learn something for my stage performances, I simply want to have fun. I believe that I have to have fun in order to make someone else have fun.
Kobayashi: You girls are holding a New York show. That is wonderful.
Sekine: Yes. We are performing in New York, a big center for entertainment. However, we don’t know anything about performing overseas. We would like to learn much today from Kobayashi-san who has been successful with many concerts overseas.
Kobayashi: It would be trouble if you go to New York planning to succeeed from the beginning. I know someone who is a very talented artist and performed in New York. But that artist was knocked down there and came back saying, the wall at the center of entertainment was high. You should think that there is nothing to lose because you will gain strength, learn from failure and eventually jump up.
Watanabe: If I didn’t hear what you said just now, I would be so hurt because I was ready to succeed at our show in New York.
Kobayashi: Of course you will go to New York to succeed. I’m just saying you should think, “There is nothing to lose,” because the wall of the world is higher than you think. That way, just in case something bad happens your damage is small, right? Oh, sorry, the first blow was too hard for you? Lol.
Everyone: Lol.
Kobayashi: I should say “Wish you luck!” but I said, “You have nothing to lose.” Am I cheering for you correctly? Lol.
Chikipa: Yes! Thank you! We will go fight in New York!
Kobayashi: There you go! Good spirit! If you fail, Lasboss is coming to support you. Lol.
Sekine: OMG! Thank you! That is so encouraging!
Sekine: Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of your career! Can you tell us the trick to survive this tough show business?
Kobayashi: There is no trick. I’ve been in this business since I was 10, but at the time I wasn’t thinking to do it this long. I’ve always been questioning myself what I need to do at a certain time. I was thinking, “What do I need right now?” and “What do I have to do for that? all the time.
Also, meeting good colleagues and friends is important. You don’t have to try to find someone. It is important to think well, work hard and meet colleagues through work,
Knowing your ordinary self is actually a very important thing. For celebrities like us, it is quite difficult to have an ordinary life. It is very important to know where and when to switch from show business life (unordinary days) to ordinary days.
And more than anything, I love singing. Then, I realized 50 years has passed. Lol.
Watanabe: When you perform overseas, do you see a difference between Japanese audiences’ and foreign audiences’ reaction?
Kobayashi: Not in New York but in Brazil, some people cry when I speak Japanese. There are many Japanese immigrants in Brazil, so many people care about Japan. So, please speak Japanese properly. Wearing kimono can make the audience happy too I think.
Watanabe: Yes! We will work hard with the intention to lead Japan!
Kobayashi: Why don’t you do classical Japanese dancing on stage?! Please introduce Japanese culture properly, however you can. 
Sekine: Recently, you have been very active in Nico nico douga, too. What is the reason you have been doing that?
Kobayashi: I started simply because I thought it would be interesting. Lol. I always want to try something interesting and fun. I think that if you like the song, you like it; it has nothing to do with genre and stuff like that.
I always think challenging yourself is important. You girls are still very young. So try anything you are interested in without hesitation! It’s ok to fail! Failure is not going to hurt you.
I’m sure many people will enjoy your music in different ways in New York. So, do your best and have a blast. Keep challenging yourself and make your dreams come true. Lasboss is cheering for you!!
Cheeky Parade’s New York show is approaching.
They are hyped-up by the encouraging words from the legend of Japanese show business.


■50th Anniversary Concert Sachiko Kobayashi in Budokan – Yume no Sekai
Date: November 17th (Mon.) 
Open: 5pm Start: 6pm
Information: Yume Group  Phone: 03(5366)3808