[Cheeky Parade NY TOUR Exploration & Report@Amestar] decided on air!

The special program of Amestar for the commemoration of Cheeky Parade's
last tour performance at New York is decided on air!
WagaIe San is invited as the MC!

Contents full of the amazement and awesome for 30 minutes, where [The 3rd Annual CBGB Music & Film Festival], the last tour performance will be introduced and the interview with the members about the mindset just before the start and the expectation e.t.c. will be shown!

Also, we are seeking your support message!
We may mention your message during the program,
so please tweet your support message with hashtag “#Chikipa NY.”

In addition, after returning from New York, we have a special program as a report meeting.

<Broadcast schedule>
■Cheeky Parade NY TOUR Send-off party@amesuta
Viewing URL:

■Cheeky Parade NY TOUR Report party@amesuta
Viewing URL:

And!After the broadcast there is
 [Premium broadcast] from shuffle members!

<Premium broadcast schedule>

<Premium Broadcast Combination>
①Sekine Yuna・suzuki mariya・shimazaki kirino
②nagai hina・kodakari momoka・suzuki mariya
③watanabe asami・mizorogi seran・yamamoto marin

Enjoy the broadcast!